WordPress “free” themes: remove irrelevant ads from footer.php

Today as I was looking for free WordPress themes, I found a nice one, but realized it was crippled with advertising.

Some WordPress theme creators are “sponsored” by a few fishy SEO companies and will put some advertised links at the bottom of the page of the theme. It will often look like “Powered by wordpress and xxxx and yyyy”, where xxxx might be the actual url of the designer (fair enough), and yyyyy will be a completely unrelated site.

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5 things that are more violent than Carmageddon

I talked a few days ago about a Carmageddon sequel in the works, funded by the site Kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know about it, Carmageddon is a game in which the player gets rewarded for killing pedestrians.

The original game came out in the nineties, roughly about the same time as the first GTA. Carmageddon was a great driving game with an awesome physical engine, but it became famous for the gruesome deaths of pedestrians. At the time, this raised lots of controversy, which contributed to the popularity of the game. To today’s standards, the game just looks like a cartoonish game and would probably be still seen as gruesome, but definitely not controversy-worthy. Independently of that, it is still an excellent game.

Today, with the sequel being funded, it is obvious that some trash papers are trying to revive the controversy, which in a way will probably benefit the game (there is no such thing as bad advertising), but is also an obvious attempt at selling more of their toilet paper.

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5 Simple things to do if you are super busy but want to optimize your site performance.

I have been running a gaming website for 4 years now. 2 years ago, that site gained in popularity after the release of a few exclusive news articles, and ended up making it to the Alexa top 100’000.

Many SEO professionals will tell you that the Alexa ranking is flawed, but for me it has always been pretty close to the actual traffic and popularity of my site.

My site was not prepared for such an increase in popularity, and, even today, it gets overloaded easily, but I vastly improved things with the following simple steps.

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7 ways to monetize a video game blog/website

I’ve been successfully running a website for the past 4 years, dedicated to console gaming. I have been monetizing it with advertising in a pretty successful way. Not enough to turn it into my main source of revenue, but enough that the ads money that comes in every month has a significant impact.

Many SEO blogs give advice on what networks to use. Some of them give good advice, most are just paid articles for some fishy advertising service.

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