Weird Japanese drink of the day: Espressoda


One thing I really love to try in Japan is the crazy drinks some companies can come up with… Today I tried Suntory’s “Espressoda”. Hmmm, what a clever play on words to describe this beverage made of… sparkling coffee!

The idea is interesting, but this drink is, as expected, disgusting.The problem is that I expect a Soda to be refreshing. This is not the case here, as the aftertaste leaves the typical “salaryman coffee breath” taste/smell in your mouth.

And this is not helped by the fact that it really looks like some regular Cola. So as you drink it, just think very hard that this could have been some cola, left to rot in the fridge for hundreds of years (but that would, strangely, have kept its bubbles). Guaranteed gag reflex :)

It is, also, sweet. Not sweet enough for a soda, but maybe too sweet for coffee. And since it contains coffee, it contains caffeine (a heads up for those of you who would like to try but are worried of getting addicted… haha, no, I kid, that can’t really happen)

To its credit, the drink tastes as advertised, which is more than what can be said for more than half of the soft drinks I’ve found in Japan so far.

3 thoughts on “Weird Japanese drink of the day: Espressoda

  1. I also love trying out the new drinks that come out, although I took one look at this one and decided against it, is it worth it to just try it?

    btw, I live in Ishikawa are you near?

  2. Haven’t tried this one yet and probably won’t since it doesn’t really appeal to me but if you haven’t already, try Pepsi’s Salty Watermelon. It’s not bad actually (doesn’t taste remotely like Pepsi either imo).

  3. lol GM that reminds me of Pepsi’s Ice Cucumber. I got hooked on that stuff when I was in Tokyo for 6 months a couple years back. I hope they still have it x.x

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