2 Months later, Blizzard is still blocking IPs in Japan

6 weeks ago, I bought Diablo 3 and had to use a VPN in order to access Battle.net. After lots of research, it turned out Battle.net is blocking hundreds of IP addresses in Japan, for no valid reason.

Although this is not preventing people in Japan from playing Daiblo3 or WoW, it prevent many potential customers from buying or activating these games in the first place.

More and more people are finding this blog while looking for solutions to the issue, and comment here with their own experience. The truth is, although Blizzard told me yesterday that they are still investigating on the issue, no progress has been made in the past 6 weeks to solve what should be a simple firewall issue on their load balancer.

Their customer service is dramatically minimizing the impact of the issue, as many of you told me the typical CS answer is to blame it on your browser or your isp. Those of you who, like me, have spent several hours on the phone with either Blizzard or your ISP know that the issue is on Battle.net’s server, and not here in Japan.

Nevertheless, there doesn’t seem to be any activity on Blizzard’s side to solve this problem. for those of you who can access the Battle.net site with either a VPN or your mobile phone, feel free to open a ticket to Blizzard’s Customer Service. Without hundreds of complaints, they won’t see there is an issue.

Note that this problem is not preventing you from playing either Diablo3 or WoW. I’ve done it myself, so if you ware wondering if you should buy the game or not, well you’ve got your answer. However, account activation, account management, help forums, etc… are on battle.net and you might not be able to access them. This means, among other things, that setting up your account for the real money auction house in Diablo 3 can be a major pain in the a##. Hopefully, like me, you can still access their site with your mobile phone, which will become your best friend for anything related to Battle.net account management :(

13 thoughts on “2 Months later, Blizzard is still blocking IPs in Japan

  1. I could access for a while but now I’ve found I can’t access battle.net AGAIN….

    This is beyond a joke now… I’m paying money to a company and they turn around and ban me from accessing their websites..

    seriously…. W.T.F.

  2. I am in Japan and can’t acess battle.net since around 2 months ago too.
    The problem for me is that my cell phone can’t acess the site for account management, and my Diablo 3 account is locked, I bought the game, I didn’t anything wrong and can’t even play the game anymore… I hope blizzard fix this problem, because I was having much fun in Diablo 3 and I still want to finish the game.

  3. I stumbled across this site trying to find an answer as it appears I am now in the same boat. I had no problems whatsoever accessing Bnet since the game’s launch but for about a week or so now I am unable to view Bnet, the forums, etc. I am still able to play just fine but as has been mentioned without being to access Bnet it seems a moot point. My provider is OCN btw. I(ve already put around 300 hours total into my chars but at this point I almost feel like Blizzard is doing me a favor from playing their stupid game any more lol…

  4. Fuck em seriously I just bought D3 digital edition and cant even download installer money back or they are going to court. I live in Tokyo and even switched providers thinking it was just OCN but guess what it was not

  5. I think we are on NTT… Flets?? We live in a 3 storey building with panasonic on the 1st floor and they just setup private wireless networks wherever we asked so I’m not totally sure.

    but either way, still can’t access battle.net!

  6. I can use the updaters and access the game itself, I just can’t access battle.net

    I’ve now had TWO of my tickets considered “answered”

    the first one claimed it was my dns that was the issue and that flushing my dns would solve the problem.
    Well I KNEW this wasn’t the problem and flushing my dns would be as useful as flushing my shit down the toilet would be to help me.
    I did it anyway and low and behold… no change!

    The second answer asked me to check if my server was online in wow, and that I can check here – eu.battle.net/facepalm…. seriously… I wrote a ticket saying I can’t access battle.net and they reply asking me to visit battle.net

    Are they even reading the tickets?????

    I would cancel my subscription but…. I can’t….

  7. – First response I received where they admit they have a problem, which is good. Also b.net worked for 1 whole day before going back to blocked.
    —–identifying info removed—

    Dear ,

    The status of your Customer Support ticket has changed to “Answered.”

    This is the latest response from Customer Support:
    Good afternoon:

    Thanks for taking time away from enjoying the game to contact us about your account. There are select ISP in Japan that we are working on ironing out the access issues with the services. In the interim a VPN or a proxy service can circumvent the block on Battle.net.

    Alternatively our Account Services Department may be able to assist you further with any account management issues and you can speak with them directly the phone. Ways to contact them are listed below:


    Hours: 9AM – 10PM Central Time, 7-Day Support, including Holidays

    Phone: 1-800-592-5499 (1 800-59-BLIZZ) (US and Canada)


    Spanish Language Hours: 9am – 10pm Central Time, 7 days a week, including Holidays
    Portuguese Language Hours: 7am – 8pm Central Time, 7 days a week, including Holidays

    Phone: 0-800-333-0778 (Argentina)
    Phone: 1230-020-5554 (Chili)
    Phone: 001-888-578-7628 (Mexico)
    Phone: 0-800-892-1630 (Brasil)


    Hours: 19:30 – 14:00 AEST, 7 days a week, including Holidays
    Hours: 21:30 – 16:00 NZST, 7 days a week, including Holidays

    Phone: 1-800-041-378 (Austrailia)
    Phone: 0-800-452-520 (New Zealand)

    Best Wishes,

    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment

    I like how they provide international numbers as a means to contact them to manage my account. I also like how Blizz recommends VPN and proxys, and everyone here should know that not all of these services are “safe” and some are phising sites.

  8. Anybody know a good VPN they can vouch for as safe and legit? I’ve never used one before but it looks like I may have to do so. Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks in advance.

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