Blizzard blocking hundreds (thousands?) of IPs in Asia

Over the past few days I’ve blogged about my issues accessing the website

My last comment was that I opened a ticket to Blizzard in order to get them to fix the issue. The problem is not with playing any of their games, but accessing the website with a regular browser.

My investigations led me to believe that this situation started around June 10th, and that this is impacting Asian IPs, mostly from Japan. One could think this is some kind of anti-cheater measures, that some IPs get banned from accessing the Blizzard games, but this really doesn’t impact the game itself, just the website. It’s also worth mentioning that I do have a account, but only played with it once a long time ago, so there would be no reason for my IP to be banned, and even less for the entire range of IPs owned by my provider.

As a matter of fact, I ended up buying the game through a VPN connection, and I could play the game fine from my regular connection, so there’s absolutely no problem here.

The symptom is an impossibility to connect to, with your browser spitting out a message in the form “Connection Refused”.

Some people are in the same situation as me, and managed to post about their issues on the forums, through the use of proxies or VPNs:

If you stumble upon this page, most likely you cannot read these posts on (although google cache might be your friend, try the text version), so I am reproducing them here:

Although I can connect to by wow client or diablo3 client,
I always can’t connect to via web browser from my house.

If I access to us.battlnet via http proxy, As you see this post, I can access to by web browser.

What does this mean?

This means, my computer setting is not problem, ISP I am using also is not probrem.

Please see following “curl” command output from my house when I could not access to

D:\>curl -v
* About to connect() to port 80 (#0)
*   Trying… Connection refused
* couldn’t connect to host
* Closing connection #0
curl: (7) couldn’t connect to host

Dear blizzard, please forward above log to some proper network engineer.

An engineer who has network knowledge will understand this means,,

- DNS was ok because I could resolve as
- “Reset” packet was returned. When my computer sent “SYN” packet to, returned “RST” packet.
- This is not a timeout. Any firewall didn’t drop my TCP/IP packet.

This means, I can touch via TCP/IP but someone closed my connection by sending “RST” packet.

Usually IDS or WAF do this kind of behavior. So I guess blizzard’s IDS or WAF rejected my connection. This is a problem.

Thank you for reading,


Im connecting to my friend thru VPN in Canada right now to get access to the forums,  the problem I have is that I live in Tokyo, Japan and I can’t get on the battle net website, it says connection refused.  This is happening to 3 of my other friends in Japan and if you do a search on google on “can’t connect to from Japan” you’ll see massive thread on people who are also complaining about the same thing. This is the 11th day I’m playing diablo3 without being able to get on the website.  We can play the game fine we just can’t access the website.

We did tracert to,  the trace shows that our connection hops to 15 different locations until it arrives to which is battle net west the we would get our connection refused.  This means our connection is fine and our isp is not blocking blizzard. I believe blizzard is massively banning forum ips in suspection to rmt activities, how ever this is affecting us normal players too.

Please don’t leave stupid comments like “did you check your anti virus program or browser settings to see if it’s blocking?”. As im not an idiot.  Reply if you know what you are talking about.  I have an i got an iPad, iPhone, laptop and desktop to tell you that it’s not our software setup that’s causing this.  This is happening Asia wide.

I also tried setting my DNs open DNs google and that’s no go.

Finally, here’s what was added:

I am typing this from the office and do not have access to my home machine here, but I did run a traceroute yesterday (although it is, not, I will try this one tonight), which I am attaching as a txt file

I do not think there is a problem in the route.
As far as contacting my ISP, I have done that, which is why I am contacting you. They are 99% convinced that the problem is not on their end, but that is blocking some IPs. In particular, they told me they are not blocking your website on their end, and they couldn’t access from their test machines either.

Doing further research, a wget on my machine gives me this:
–2012-06-17 11:09:58–
Connecting to||:80… failed: Connection refused.

wget other pages such as google works fine. wget on another machine on another network, works fine.

Finally, you have to take into account that my problem is not isolated. Several people in Japan are reporting the same issue.
It is very possible that Blizzard is not fully aware of the impact of this problem, simply because people who have the problem have no easy way to contact you (since they cannot access the site or the contact form). Not everybody can have access to a VPN like I do.

More people with the same issue:

People with the issue in Japan:

This last link is in Japanese, if you don’t speak Japanese, this is a thread with dozens of people complaining that they cannot access since sometime in June. Some people say it might be ipv6 related (again, a problem on Blizzard’s end rather than on the ISP, since I verified my ipv6/ipv4 compatibility with my ISP)

Additional note:
I could buy Diablo 3 from a VPN, and I can play it fine on my home network. So the issue is only with the website.

I’m hoping the length and details in my reply will help you find out a solution, and understand that I am not a regular user with a typical connection problem. There is a problem somewhere with your website, and you are preventing hundreds of people from even buying your game.


Additional references:,

Hopefully there will be some move on Blizzard’s end soon enough

36 thoughts on “Blizzard blocking hundreds (thousands?) of IPs in Asia

  1. Thanks for the post! Same deal here in Yokohama, Japan; can’t curl, wget or access the battle net website but I can play Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. My ISP is ntt-me.

  2. I live in Northern Tokyo (Minami-Senju) and having the exact same problem. I was going to buy some game time for WoW but there’s not a snowballs chance in hell that I will until this is fixed.

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  4. Same issue here, Shinjuku/Tokyo/NTT
    Guess I finally figured out why it was working through Opera-Turbo… but Opera Turbo doesn’t work through https, so it gets stuck when you need to login.
    Hope it gets fixed soon. Won’t be buying Diablo3 until then…

  5. same problem here! im living in shizuoka-hamamatsu. i bought the D3 and the only way to active the game was acess the in my iphone(softbank) the game is fine but until now cant acess in my pc…

  6. Started getting the same issue today… Tried accessing and it’s being refused… It was fine a mere 12 hours ago…

    Live in Japan.. currently off-base, in the USAF….

  7. Same up in Hokkaido. It started about a month ago but then was working for a week or two recently. Just stopped working again 3 days ago. I can access it fine from work and my smartphone. I can log in to WoW and play just fine too.

  8. I cant get on from my pc or my husbands at our home.
    We live in Tokyo, and have the same issue…at one point we reset the modem and were able to get on, but now its back to the same issue….how do they expect to keep customers if they just randomly block people because of stupid gold farmers or whoever..they should think about americans who move to another country who have been loyal players for years.
    I am really frustrated by this matter and just want to be able to load the site to add game time to play.

  9. It’s July the 25th and over a month since I first ‘discovered’ this issue. Even if I were to go and buy a game card in person at one of the shops in Akihabara, there’s no way I can log in and add the time-card. Too bad, I was looking forward to some WoW.

  10. I phoned blizzard tech support today because it was not working for me starting from last night. all they said was to install chrome and try again…. I did. nothing changed. then they made me wipe my explorer history etc. nothing changed. Then the guy had the nerve to ask me ” what exactly do you need the website for?” I really LOL’D I said I wanted to pre-purchase mop. so he was happy to assist me with taking more of my money. his final conclusion on the matter was I should wait a couple of hours. he also said they have not recieved many complaints about this issue……..

    • So has Blizz-tard felt the need to continue their research for the problem and begin to fix it or are we all just doomed to neglect?

      • The last info I got from them 2 days ago was that they are still looking into the issue. Which I understood as “we don’t care”. In my daily job I am on the other side of such issues, and I know that a ticket not being worked on within 4 weeks of being opened will basically never be solved.

  11. Thank God it wasn’t just me. Thought I might have done something wrong by playing while I was in Japan. Luckily I will be State side next week but it is still annoying.

  12. I am currently just visiting my grandfather just for the summer, and he said that he bought a new machine for the internet. And so I went on WoW, but it was locked, and I called the Customer Service. (w/ the help of some people on the blog) Anyways, the guy unlocked it, though I also asked another question about the fact that I couldn’t connect to, and he just answered like did you check your firewall? And all these REALLY DUMB QUESTIONS! I was so pissed… Anyone help me, and be SMARTER than the Blizzard Customer Service person?!

  13. I live in southern Japan and have the same problem. Called Blizzard, waited for a long time and the person who finally helped me acted like he was listening but finally sent me an e-mail with problem solving tips – at I cannot connect to any thing / blizzard related. I have tried many of they ideas listed above. Will try calling again – but have little hope. grrr.

  14. Just to add more info to this problem, I’m living in Chiba and I’m using OCN with hikari.
    Twice now I couldn’t even open any page related to Blizzard.
    After a while (few days or even weeks), at least I can access the pages.
    The problem now is that I try to access my account and I get the error message saying “too many attempts (403)”.
    I’ve contacted customer support by phone and asked them to check.
    The first attendant said that my account had some kind of block but that he canceled it so that I should try again after 30 minutes.
    Even after 2 hours the error message was still there. Call them over again, ask them to change my email address (in case the block was linked to it) but nothing changed.
    The second attendant told me that he would forward the problem to the tech team in the US (as I’d called Australia because of the time) and have them checked.
    Yesterday I got an email saying the problem was solved but when I tried, the error message is still there.
    I can access from my office but still, what a pain!
    At least I can play the game but not being able to access my account whatever I want, bugs me.

  15. Thanks for the post, i have the same situation here in Taipei, Taiwan. got DB3 as a gift and i can’t register my account on so i can’t play the game. any ideas?

  16. nice thread bro i have the same issue but the worst i cant acces battle from my pc here at takayama japan,i cant play my d3 beacuse i cant create an acount on battle net,its so sad beacase dilablo 3 is my birtday gift from my wife and i cant play it so sad too depress @.@

  17. Is this issue still on going for all of you? I currently have this issue, however it just started for me about a week and a half ago. When I contact Blizz via a WoW ticket they give me the same generic bullshit response of “Please go to “blah blah blah forum on” Every time… Regardless of what I put into the ticket, it’s the same shit. How can I use a forum if I cant even get to the damn website…..

    • Valid information: I have Softbank and currently live in Fussa. I’ve been able to connect to the site fine for the last year and a half.

  18. Just tried accessing via my Softbank iPhone, which worked a few weeks ago, using the standard Safari browser but no success.
    Will check from home tonight using NTT Hikari/SpinNet ISP.

  19. I had no issues when Diablo 3 came out, but I have issues now. I’m with NTT (Hikari) and Yahoo, down in Kyushu. I cannot connect to anything Bnet right now. I played MoP for a bit but cannot connect to stop my account now (I’ll try from my office since it seems static IPs are working for some). I was playing WoW fine for several months, but my last Bnet account login with SC2 was May 15th of last year. while many reported they can play SC2 without problem, I can’t currently get online with it because it can’t access some authentication module (through bnet). I’m hoping that if I get a VPN and update that (patches d/l’d fine through the updater) then I’ll be able to log in.

    I was looking to get some practice in before the xpac releases, which is when I started running into these issues. Super annoying to say the least.

  20. This has been an ongoing problem for me for the last few weeks. The only thing I’ve been able to do is connect through a VPN to access the website. I can access D3 but not WoW. It’s really strange. I have allied telesis for Internet and SoftBank for my mobile service.

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