Still can’t access, can’t even buy Diablo3

If you’ve followed my adventures last night, you know that I haven’t been able to connect to recently. Not one of those “my game refuses to login”, no. I can’t f##ing access the website with firefox!!! This means, among other things, that I can’t even buy the game. Crazy, I know.

Yesterday my research led me to believe this had something to do with my internet provider in Japan. The issue seems to happen to some specific Japan providers, apparently liked to B Flets and/or ADSL. Providers being mentioned are OCN, Biglobe, and plala (I’m a plala customer).

I contacted my provider today, and after spending a few hours (!) with them on the phone, here is the info I got:

  • There is nothing wrong with my browser, my widows configuration, my hardware (computer/router), my router configuration, or my router settings. Basically everything’s fine on my end
  • Plala could confirm that they cannot access, or *, with their IP.
  • Their only conclusion now is that the issue is on Blizzard’s side, who are potentially blocking some specific IPs from accessing, for some reason.

I opened a ticket with Blizzard (that was not an easy task since I can’t access the site, had to access it through my phone which uses another provider), and we’ll see how it goes.

The suggestions to activate/deactivate IPV6 support on my router, or to switch DNS servers, did not help in my case. Plala technicians confirmed my settings were fine

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