Damn you, Blizzard!

Recently I bought a new computer, with the sole goal of playing Diablo 3 on it (might blog about that one day).

I went to the diablo3.com website, which has a convenient link to buy a digital copy of the game.

This is what I get when I try to click on that link:

Hu, I heard Battlenet had some connection issues, I didn’t know it was that bad that I can’t even buy the game…

Update: This seems to be a problem specific to Japan, and specific to a few providers (mine is plala, but this seems to impact other providers, and NTT Flet’s in general).

Some people have been experiencing this issue since IPV6 Day, and this seems to be related to either router settings or on provider’s side. I have enabled my router’s ipv6 connectivity (I have a buffalo WHR-G301N), and tried to use google’s DNS servers ( and instead of my provider’s. This made things apparently a little bit better, as the site test-ipv6 tells me my DNS server supports ipv6 (which was not the case with my provider’s router).

Nevertheless, I can still not access Battle.net as of today, and it seems this is a pretty common issue in Japan right now.

Next step for me is to call my provider tomorrow and see if they have a clue

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