You still have 24 hours to get a cheap copy of Carmageddon!

I already blogged about Carmageddon finally getting a sequel through kickstarter.

The campaign will soon be over, and is close to its stretch goal of 600k$, which would guarantee a Linux and Mac ports to be completed in time.

You might not be a Linux or Mac owner, and asking yourself “why would I pledge for a port of the game to those platforms, if it already is funded and guaranteed to be available for my platform?”

Let me me talk to the greedy person inside you then (come on, we all have one): today is your last opportunity to grab a copy of the game for 15$. 15$ is the minimum pledge that will give you access to the full game on Steam. Since Carmageddon aims to be compared to AAA titles (the first episode was the best racing game of the year in 1997.. Stainless are an inde studio, but they do not play in the same leagu as most indie games!), I think 15$ is extremely cheap for such a game (compare that to the typical 50$ you have to pay for games usually), and the price for “regular” people (people who did not pledge on Kickstarter) could be much closer to 30-50$ in my opinion.

Hence, today is probably your last chance to secure a huge discount on the game, if you pledge 15$ :)

The Carmageddon kickstarter project can be found here!

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